Fluid Wellbeing Ideology 


What is your Ideology? 

My client’s journey begins and ends by becoming their own healer. I believe most people develop a dependency on a substance or practitioner when they don’t realize they have all the necessary tools to heal themselves from within. With simple techniques one can tap into the universal intelligence that their body-mind-spirit offers and begin to heal themselves. With the proper intention and choice we believe anybody can heal from any illness or disease.

How do you teach someone to be their own healer? 

I begin with a simple kinesiological process that facilitates tapping into a person’s unique intuition and intelligence. It’s important to know that everyone has a perfectly functioning intuition that is relatively easy to connect with, it’s all about listening. Listen to your body, your thoughts, and your feelings. They can illuminate issues that you didn’t even know existed and can help bring you into balance.

Try this simple exercise 

1) Bring your non-demanding and non-threatening attention to your body

2) Notice, acknowledge and allow whatever is present in your inner experience

3) Take 3 soft breaths into your belly to facilitate your experience

Do you feel less stressed? This is only the beginning; from here we can tap into limiting thoughts and beliefs that ultimately keep us from living the life we imagined. These issues are at the source of our weight problems, relationship problems, or career problems.


Practice. Practice. Practice.

By practicing awareness techniques such as the one above; it becomes easier to get in touch with your body and intuition. In our sessions we will use these avenues to jumpstart your healing process. All the while keeping the intent of empowering you to be your own healer. With practice, you will be able to ask questions and receive a detailed response not only of what you should eat but also your life path. It will be a process of practicing, listening, increasing awareness. Repeat.

The Journey Home. 

When you have effectively connected to your inner teacher and have a established a solid, tangible stream of connection, your journey home has begun. Your inner guide can provide wisdom on anything from health issues, relationship advice, or a proper career path. With permission from your guide, you can even begin to teach other people how to connect to their own inner guide.