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What is healing?

What is healing?

What is healing? 

In order to talk about healing it is important to first understand your definition of healing. I would suggest even writing your own perception of the definition of healing to help facilitate the process. In this piece, I have done exactly that, I have compiled definitions and beliefs from all over the globe to help support the simplest variation of what I deem to be ‘true’ healing. There are so many variations and definitions that could be given to satisfy the answer, however, the most important point is that it (the answer) resonate with you.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 6.30.52 PM.png

Take a peek at Figure 1-A. Notice how the largest bubble is the one that contains all the others. This is the bubble I labeled as ‘true’ healing or spiritual healing. Now, look at figure 1-B. The first part of ‘true’ healing is the liberating phase. To me, this means to remember our connection to God. It means to dissolve all suggestions of being separate from one another and realize that we are one being. It is the release of identification as a body and a mind and integrating of the ego (personality) with God. Many classic traditions would simply call this enlightenment. To my knowledge, most traditions end with the enlightened being but there is not much talk about ‘enlightened living’. This is the second part of ‘true’ healing called the grounding phase. Once we have realized our connection to oneness and to spirit we must seek to ground it back into our body, mind, and everyday life. In this phase we think, say, and do everything from a place of Unity. Life becomes a means to help in the creation of a healed or enlightened society- a society that knows its connection to oneness.

Contained within the largest bubble is the second bubble which we will call Soul healing. This part of healing has to do with being within your Divine Purpose. If you’re not within your purpose it will be challenging to live a life of fulfillment, unity, and grace. Most diseases, accidents, etc. merely occur to help guide you to the places and people you were supposed to meet in this lifetime.

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Which leads us to the third bubble, mental healing. This is where perception, belief, and free will can be found in our understanding. If our perceptions of an injury, job, person, etc. are dysfunctional than it will be very challenging to reach the higher realms of healing. A healed perception is one that is in tune with God. A Course in Miracles does a fantastic job explaining the healed perception and it is rather easy to use. Simply, ask for a miracle and practice listening to what the change in perception could be. Belief structure is an important aspect of healing. You can limit yourself to your beliefs or you can become limitless with them. This is all an aspect of free will or your own choosing. To reach a place of ‘true’ healing I believe a being must align their will with that of God’s. This means giving up everything that you thought you may have wanted in life and receiving the will of God. The good news is that God and Spirit want you to be happy and free. Therefore, aligning your free will with the creator’s is the highest possible choice one can make. This is what I call the Path of the Heart.

The 4th bubble is emotional healing and it is our connection to nature. In our society, our connection to nature has all been but severed completely. This is something we need to address within our body, mind, and spirit. We have lost touch with the natural cycles of life and death, the seasons, the cycle of the moon, etc. We are apart of it, and it is apart of us. Because we have lost touch we have created severely dysfunctional emotional bodies that create a plethora of stress and anxiety which literally becomes hell. To soothe this takes time, patience, and unconditional love for yourself. Spending time in nature helps to attune you back to the natural cycles of the universe. Practice placing your awareness in your body and allowing feelings, thoughts, and images to arise. They will give you messages to help in your process and increase your sensitivity in communicating with the Divine. The more you practice allowing things to unfold naturally the more connected you become to, yes, your inherently good, innocent, and loving nature.

The 5th bubble is physical healing. Currently, this is where mainstream health resides without any for mention of the above aspects of healing. Healthy diet and exercise is normally the determining factor for this aspect to be healthy. Within this perception of healing, diet and exercise must also be exercised as free will choice to follow the Divine Plan. Meaning even what you eat and how you exercise are in line with God. I have created a program called Eating from the Heart to help with these choices.

Until we expand our awareness of the outer levels of healing we will stay in the same cycle. It is inspiring to see that many health practitioners are speaking out. You can feel the change and the difference being made in our world. Mainstream science is getting closer and closer to revealing these mystical truths. The real healing begins and ends with you. You have the ability to affect change on a universal scale. Now is the time to exercise the full power of your choices. Will you become apart of the solution? The healing of our species and the planet rests on it.

What can I do to heal?

It may seem complicated and complex but we can start with a very easy, practical approach to get you in tune. I have created the path of the heart for myself but the true meaning of this path is to walk what feels best within your mind, body, and spirit. I understand that you will not walk the exact same path as I do but I can give you tips that will help on your personal journey. You will ultimately create your own path through the darkness. That, I hope is very clear. In this full spectrum practice of healing, all layers of our being are brought to wholeness through yoga, meditation, and proper eating habits. When you are attuned you can access the master that lives within whenever you feel necessary. For me, this has become the Heart.

The Heart is connected to the intelligent infinity that lives as the Universe. We can access it by simply placing our awareness on the middle of the chest and being with whatever arises. To access this space may take time and patience as most of our hearts, in this society, are corroded or shattered from trauma. You will need to caress your heart like a child. Take care of it by heeding its messages and listening to its pain. You will receive flashes of unity and peace. Eventually, you will live from this space. To start your practice of the path of the heart go to the methodology section on this website and try the exercise given.

To start your practice of the path of the heart try the exercise below. I found this exercise through Greg Bradden, a famous new age scientist.

  1. Place your awareness on your heart

  2. Assist your connection by placing one hand on your heart

  3. Breathe 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out to stimulate heart- brain connection

  4. Feel feelings of gratitude and appreciation

  5. Spend 3 minutes daily to cultivate heart-brain connection