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Make no mistake we are in the midst of a revolution. This revolution is quite unordinary, however. We will not be fighting this revolution with guns, knives, or fists nor will there be violence. This will be a revolution fought with love, compassion, creativity, and art. The re-love-ution as some are calling it, is a journey that begins with the turning of our attention inwards onto ourselves.

Revolt against blame.

Revolt against negativity.

Revolt against gossip.

We contain the capacity to expand our horizons and to enter a new age. One where Life is not a depressing drag of never ending work to barely scrape by. One where we realize we are all in this together ( including the select few at the ‘top’). One that is commanded by the heart.

Please place your awareness on your heart.

Breathe into it.

Begin to feel joy, compassion, and gratitude.

You just won your first battle. By creating positivity in your mind, body, and spirit you can reverse the effects of stress on your system. When you feel strong and resilient you are better equipped to handle Life and what it has to offer you.

Build resilience and sharpen your focus as often as possible. Nobody said this transition would be easy. Start a meditation practice, get into your local yoga class, or start an art piece.There are a multitude of ways to prepare yourself for this change.

It will feel terrifying, often.

When you make contact with your true self for even just a sweet second it will all be worth it. Soon, you will live from this place of abundance and integration. It is very possible to win this revolution. In fact it is guaranteed. This war will end with the disintegration of separation and the remembrance of Unity with God and your brothers and sisters. It is only a matter of time now. There is no rush but there is a need to stop the suffering. Remember it will begin within you and end without you. Literally translated, there will not be a ‘you’ anymore

Good luck,


Introduction to the Path of the Heart


Introduction to the Path of the Heart

The Path of the Heart 

To introduce you to my version of the Path of the Heart is simple. To understand and walk the Path is much more challenging. The work that we may do together will take longer than the more heavily chosen ‘easy fix’ option. My immediate question for you to answer is this, ‘Would you rather be cured for a month or would you rather be cured for an entire lifetime(s)?’

This path begins with your understanding that though we may walk together for a certain amount of time, ultimately, you will choose and walk your own way while following your own inner light. I simply aim to equip you with basic exercises, daily rituals, and practical knowledge so that you can achieve this with your own self-mastery.

What is the Path of the Heart?

In my perspective, the Path of the Heart is a way to reconnect to the source of all things, achieve enlightenment, and win true freedom from the illusion of this world.

Relaxing is great, reducing stress is even better. But what if your stress and fear were only symptoms of the real problem? I could meditate for thousands of hours and still not get anywhere significant . I need a reason, a why and a what. The vast majority of our society walks around not knowing who they are or what they’re doing here. Do you think that contributes to our happiness level? That at some unknown level we have no idea why the hell we are actually here? What if you could finally answer that question for yourself? Could you be liberated on a level that seems unfeasible right now? That is exactly what the Path of the Heart aims to do, help you answer this question so you can become driven towards your greatest joy while following one goal and one voice. Imagine a world that answers only to their own Hearts? Goodbye crime, see yea pollution, hello freedom. I envision not only a world of peace but one of innovation, where technology and Earth can co-exist together.

What is the greatest problem of our world today?

I hear great answers like lack of empathy, capitalism, genocide, etc. Here is another idea. The true problem and source of all disease of our world is a disconnection from the source. The source being what others may call God, the Universe, Jesus, etc. It doesn’t matter too much what you call it but where you envision it. If you believe what religion preaches, you will imagine perhaps an unforgiving God high above in the clouds. When, in truth, God, the Source, Jesus etc. lives within you. Actually, right in the middle of your being, the illuminated Heart. Hence, the Path of the Heart. By reconnecting to your Heart you connect to the creator of all things. Here’s the catch. You get a choice. You can choose the world that you want to create. A world full of Fear or a world full of Unity.  

So, my friends, it begins and ends with you. It’s not about government or society or ‘them’. It’s about you, your choice, and the realization of how powerful your choice is. It is my hope that you choose the Path of the Heart.

Thank you,