I started to become familiar with the term STAR Command about 1 year ago. I didn’t know what it was or why it kept repeating over and over in my mind. I had a unique fascination/ obsession with it that has consumed much of my time and curiosity. I knew that it meant something special but I wondered how or what to apply it to.

That search is over. For many years I have been passionate about the changes and shifts that we as humans are experiencing currently. And while I’ve never had the courage to truly discuss it, there is something inherently wrong with how our current world operates. Right now it’s trendy to bash the external world for all the wrongdoings and ugliness and to blame everyone else for where we are. STAR Command was created, however, solely for the purpose of personal responsibility.

The ideas, beliefs, and thoughts presented here come from several teachings from all over the world mixed so elegantly ( sometimes muddily) with personal experience. My intention is to offer an alternate way of thinking that may or may not work for you. That is the beauty in it, there is no demand for you to believe in a single word said here. My suggestion is to take what fills you up and leave the rest behind.

From Politics, to Education, to Health and to Consumerism there are many things to discuss. By using STAR Command as a trustworthy alternate media source for peaceful resolution, I hope you shed light on some of your darkness while simultaneously brightening your light.

This is your clarion call, are you ready to answer?