It is my hope and prayer that what is written here helps you navigate your current paradigm with ease and grace. A Peaceful Resolution is needed now more than ever. That resolution, however, starts with you and taking personal responsibility for your life.

As I have so comically failed to do so in many instances, I have found that I’m most empowered when I take responsibility for my thoughts and my actions. There is a balance between the 2 and both are required to create Peaceful Resolution.

One who only tries to shift their thoughts will feel tranquil but will have a hard time gaining traction for actual change. One who only takes action may feel misguided and unfulfilled after the fact.

So, what is the perfect balance?

I believe the first step is to find your True North or Guiding Light. To find your True North requires self-reflection, contemplation, and meditation. To start, try posing these 3 soul questions from Deepak Chopra…

  1. Who am I?

  2. What do I want?

  3. What is my purpose?

***I’ve attached a short guided meditation for you to try with these questions***

These questions are not intended to be answered in a rush nor were they meant to be asked only once. You may find that every day your answer may change. This is the importance of daily practice known as Sadhana in Sanskrit.

Once your True North is understood you now have the capability of creating Mindful Action which will lead to Peaceful Resolution.

Jennie, a single Mom, works hard to support her 2 sons in High School. Every week day she has to travel across town to pick them up from school and sits in tremendous amounts of traffic. Even worse, she cannot afford to pay for someone else to pick them up. She wonders when the cycle will end. When introduced to Meditation she initially scoughs at the idea and continues her own ways. After a particularly stressful day she attempts a guided meditation.

She ponders who she is and identifies as a single Mother of 2 born in Northern California with divorced parents. She finds no meaning in the question and continues her ways. Again, after a very stressful day she tries the meditation and she has a breakthrough. Her realization comes after asking who it is that is asking the question Who Am I? Is it the single mother or is it something bigger, vaster, and complete? She has had her first encounter with her soul and her True North.

After a few weeks of continuing the Meditation, she realizes she has the strength to not go over to her lover’s house to receive false love and attention and can pick her kids up without having to travel across town. She has created a Peaceful Resolution.

Chopra, Deepak. The Soul Questions. 7 January 2013.