May flowers blooming nicely in the Bay Area are perhaps resembling a deeper opening in all of us. In this opening, I'd like to discuss the REAL identity crisis and let me tell you it's not one of gender or of ethnicity. The real crisis is actually one that of much greater inclusion. It is something we are all facing right now. Perhaps, it is not in your immediate awareness but soon the question will float through your mind.

Who am I?

This question is an important one. Why? Because it may be your ticket to an everlasting hell or never ending peace. Who are you? Ponder it or don't. A new beginning has erupted in my life. I feel ready. Ready for what you may ask? To take off my mask. For years, perhaps century, or even milennia I have identified as a human being having a spiritual experience. I'm here to announce the opposite is true for me. I'm a SPIRIT having a human experience. 

Advice from a SPIRIT

Relationship Corner:

Whether it be a relationship with a loved one or a relationship with your job; relationships can be a little tricky. First, let’s define a relationship. A relationship is how you relate or bond with a certain someone or something. Let’s go a little deeper. Metaphysically speaking, relationships are the literal mirror to your inner world. Where am I going with this? If you notice an issue in your relationships, chances are great it’s not them or it, it’s YOU. It can be difficult at first to take responsibility for YOU but it is also quite empowering.

Practical Application:

If you’re experiencing a lot of problems with someone or something, try spending 5-10 mins in self reflection/ meditation to identify a pattern. For example, if you’re getting upset because no one is supporting you at work, try turning it onto you. Like, how can I support myself at work? Or how can I support others? Chances are good that as soon as you put it back on yourself the problem is resolved.

Personal Health:

This month in Taurus will illuminate the importance of the physical body. I believe it is imperative as spirits having a human experience to take great care of your physical body. This could mean a number of things for you. Perhaps, you need more exercise or need to eat a little more clean. Whatever it is I’d recommend focusing on 1-2 specific things that pertain to your physical body’s health.

Quick Hit: Focus on 1-2 things to improve your physical body’s health this month.


Are you caught up on the ‘Career’ train? Does it give you anxiety? Me too, which is why I decided to make the term ‘ Career’ interchangeable with ‘ Life Purpose’. Ahh how does that sound? Are you fulfilling your life’s purpose? Are you following your inner most dreams? Don’t give me the ‘ I need money to go that route’ routine. It is now becoming scientifically proven that when you’re in alignment with your life’s purpose you’re health is at it’s peak. WHOA, well how do I find my Life’s purpose? Good question by you the reader. I’d start by beginning to ask that question to yourself. What is my Life’s purpose? It’s amazing how clear it may begin to become as soon as you begin questioning.

Global Health:

Let’s start with an astounding fact… “ At the beginning of the 19th century the average lifespan was around 39 years”. Can you guess what the average lifespan is now in 2019? It will BLOW YOUR MIND. The average lifespan is around 79 years old!!! That means that great grand children can expect to live almost a generation longer then their grandparents. So, the next time you get angry at the state of the world, understand that we are in one of the most unique times recorded in human history. MORE compassion my brothers and sisters :)

NEW Happenings

Summer Work Shop

I'm announcing my first ever workshop on Saturday June 22nd for the Summer Solstice. The workshop will be 3 hours from 1-4 PM and will feature Intuitive Asana Yoga, Intuitive Meditation, and Intuitive Eating. Look for more details next month.

Great Guys Club

This group will be a Men's group occurring regularly every week starting in the summer. The group will focus on empowering men to express themselves in a healthy way. Look for more details in the next newsletter.

S.T.A.R. Team

This group will meet weekly to consciously discuss the current events of Earth and create practical, deliverable action steps for each topic. STAR team will also begin in the summer.

***Message me if you or someone you know is interested in joining one or all of my new projects***


6:45- 7:30 Intuition Yoga @ Harmonia Wellness

Private Healings

I'm announcing my 3 week fast track series. 21 days of juicy good healing. The fast track includes...

- 3 One hour weekly private sessions
- Access to my Intuitive Eating Journal, ' Eating for Your Best Self'

What you will learn...

1) How to ground
2) How to listen to your intuition for food, life, relationship, and spiritual choices
3) How to practice Intuitive Asana Yoga
4) How to set boundaries