Ok so here I’am in the moment… Now what? What’s next?… Continue living in the moment. That is literally all we have… Whoa, so G you’re telling me I don’t have my car? I don’t have my house? I don’t have my partner? What about my family? That’s right you don’t ‘have’ any of it. These things are only temporary. Of course all of those external things help but remember they’re reflections of your inner world. To make it simple let’s break it down to a more useful and practical exercise.

Our goal here is live in the moment. When we live in the moment we are authentically ourselves and we live in a vibration of love, joy, and wellbeing. This in turn affects others bringing more love, joy, and wellbeing to them and the planet. So, let’s look at some things that take me out of the moment and into lower emotional states

  1. Traffic

  2. Arguing

  3. Long work hours

  4. Bills

    Listed above are some of my triggers that set me off and put me into lower emotional states. I’d recommend taking one literal moment ( think about an instagram swipe) and identify 2-3 triggers for yourself. Boom! You got em? Ok, now take another instant and identify a solution to one of them. Boom! Choose that first thing to came in. Pretty easy right?

    Now it’s time to go out and practice, practice, practice.

    Here is an example:

Trigger: Traffic

Solution: Prepare favorite playlist

Bold Statement Alert: The planet is not the one that is in danger, it is our old view of it.

Ok so I SEE the benefits… How do I get in the moment?

Great question! There are billions of ways to get in the moment. Some are much more formal and intentional than others and other times you’re just there. Being in a state of grace like this gives us a chance to experience our true nature; pure unadulterated bliss. There are many writers writing about the moment and the beauty of it and so on and so forth. This is amazing isn’t it? It’s like there’s millions of buddhas on the planet right now at once. Who knows maybe you’re one them ;)