A message from Spirit…

What an exciting time to be alive?! That's easy to say when you're on the other side of things right? When you're in the thick of it, it can be difficult to see the light. - Newsflash- There's always going to be something though... Whether it be a change of job or relationship, things, on one level, will always appear to be imperfect. This is a very dangerous place to be. Let's discuss the importance of seeing everything as perfect the way it is now.

Einstein said, " The conflict can never be solved on the level that the conflict was created"

This is the same case here. Unless you can find happiness and perfection now, you will never be able to find happiness when things are different. There will always be one more thing out of place or out of balance. It is a never ending cycle of trying to create perfection instead of seeing the perfection that is already here.

Can you stop what you're doing now and attempt to see the perfection in your life or the perfection that you are? This may be the only principle you will ever need. Seriously... stop and smell the roses. Enjoy them now even if they don't smell like they used too. They're changing too.

What about bigger issues?

So you're having a hard time living on Earth? This just in... EVERYBODY is having a hard time living on Earth right now. We are going through such immense changes that irritation and frustration are almost guaranteed. This isn't an excuse to get frustrated or upset, it's a wake up call to give yourself and others love and respect. 

Old habits and patterns are being incinerated by the light that is erupting on Earth. This is happening on a personal, global, and Universal level. This means your friends on Venus are experiencing it too. WHOA! A collective Universe going through this immense change all together... NOT separate but together, as one.

Remember that, the next time you think you're alone. There is an entire Universe looking after you. Caring for you, loving you, and giving you (THE STAR OF THE SHOW) guidance and direction. 

Slow Down...

The signs are obvious. The directions are clear. You, my friend, have been waiting for this your entire life/ lives. You prepared for this you see. You're quite resourceful dear one. You have everything it takes to make it and it will take everything you've got. But if you can hang in there, I promise it is so worth it.

Jesus says, " Swear to stay alive"

Don't you remember? You were created for this time. You were meant for these changes. Yes you, dear one. I believe in you. I believe in me. I believe in this Universe. We can and we will do it.

Can you feel the light? It's here in every corner of your life, but you have to find it and you have to hold onto it for dear life. This will be a hell of a ride!