In Dedication to the Mama

 Memories come flooding in like the fireworks during the fourth of July. Exploding in my mind; when I think of you I can’t help but to weep in pleasure and in pain. That’s what you taught me isn’t it? It wasn’t going to be easy was it. You taught me bravery and courage. You taught me how to surrender. You taught me that there may be a God after all. With your passing I’ve had no choice but to find solace in Faith, however.

Faith. That’s an interesting word. Faith in what I ask? Faith in myself? Faith in something greater? Faith in God? Faith and hope go hand and hand. How about faith that things will work out for the best? What if this was the basis of God? Faith that when we fall, it’s possible to get back up and keep going.

Could it really be that simple? It could. It’s us that makes it so complicated and challenging. It’s painful to fall but it’s us that causes the prolonged suffering. The lingering on how we fell or why we fell. The fear that we will fall again consumes us. Isn’t it funny that this is what makes us human? Having fears, worries, and doubts. Prolonging the suffering with our need for understanding. It’s funny but a tad bit cruel. But let me rephrase; it’s our grand ability to NOT know that makes us human. The search for meaning is an important one but be forewarned, it can consume you. Many people sacrifice their lives looking for the answer when it may have been right in front of them or better yet inside them. The meaning of life is to live it, to experience it. To taste the bitterness and the sweetness knowing fully well that faith is behind it all. To feel all the ups and downs with Faith that everything will come together in the end. That’s the guiding light that illuminates the path and keeps reminding us that even though it can be so damn hard, we are still connected to something bigger, something larger, something that we can put our Faith in.

Love you Mama,



What does Faith mean to you?

What do you put your Faith in?