Great Guys Club


World Wide Men’s Support Group 

Mission: To empower Men for healthy self-expression.

Origins: The Great Guys Club was originally founded in the 70’s by my Father and his friends. Their intentions were purely innocent; to escape the real world, kick back, and drink a beer with friends. After my Father passed from suicide in 2009, the Great Guys Club was reinvented, in recognition of the need for emotional support, to give Men a safe place to share difficult emotions and heal. Designed to defog the cloud of misperception behind emotions and being ‘tough’, the Great Guys Club has one mission, to teach Men how to express emotion in a healthy and safe manner while feeling empowered to do so. 

Personal Experience: Suffering from my own inability to express emotion, I fell into a deep depression for many years. Through Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation I began to gain the strength to share my grief with others. As I did so I began to discover glimpses of my authentic nature unweighted by the density of this world. Each day brought me closer and closer to the source of my being until the illusion of unhappiness was revealed. My mission is to share these experiences to raise the global consciousness around emotions and self-expression for Men. Expressing my emotion is now a commonality in everyday life and has taught me the importance of relating to each other as humans.

Methodology/ Philosophy: The Great Guys Club creates a safe space for sharing and inward reflection. In each class, we will start with the ‘ Check in ‘ process by bringing our attention to our bodies. Afterward there will be an optional round of sharing. The next phase will be a longer process of checking in and inward exploration. It is here where the work can be done as neglected feelings may arise to be released. The goal is to be able to recognize, assess, and communicate emotions, dialogue with them, and eventually gain the ability to connect to a ‘witness’ state within. The ‘witness’ state is crucial to this work and offers us the realization that our emotions and thoughts do not have power over us. From this place of love and clarity, it is possible to heal all wounds.


  1. To be able to Recognize, Assess, and Communicate emotions

  2. To become adept at listening to our Personal Guidance System ( Body, Inner Child, Spirit)

  3. To align with our Highest Potential 

  4. To recognize and harness personal Intuitive abilities

  5. To connect with the ‘witness’ within

Common Questions:

Why join the Great Guys Club? Ever consider why you have certain attractions to situations or people that may be negative to your health? This group is designed with you in mind. We will get an in depth understanding of how exactly our emotions play a role in our everyday lives and overall health and wellbeing. With proper understanding, learning how to assess and communicate our emotions can lead us to a rich and fulfilled life. 

Is this Religion based? The Great Guys Club is not a religion or cult but a group of individuals who wish to understand themselves to a greater capacity so they can create a different world for themselves and others. Great Guys Club members are NOT required to believe in any one form of God and or religion. 

Who Can Benefit? Any Man; Race, Religion, or Color who is in need of compassionate support from his fellow brothers and who wants to better himself for a more fulfilled life.

Where are sessions? San Anselmo, CA.

How long are sessions? 1.5 Hours.

What day/ time are sessions? Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 PM.

How long is it? 8 sessions. x2/ Month. 4 Months total.

How much is it? $399 paid in full or x3 $133 Monthly installments.

When Does it start? December 4.

Where do I sign up? Call 858-774-8128 or email fluidwellbeing@gmail.ocm

 Pillars of the Great Guys Club

1) Brotherhood/ Community

The Great Guys Club was designed to bring Men together to give them the opportunity to learn as equals and to feel like they’re not alone.

2) Accountability

Taking responsibility for our words, actions, and thoughts. When we say we are going to do something we do it.

3) Aligned Action

Too much action can leave you exhausted. Not enough action can leave you stagnant. We believe in action that is balanced and in service to ourselves and others.

4) Love

The glue that makes all of this work. With love, anything is possible.

5) Communication

The ability to communicate our needs, wants, and desires is essential to living a balanced and healthy life.

6) Vision

Vision is the ability to see your future path and adjust your habits and decisions accordingly.

7) Faith

Faith is the belief in something greater than ourselves.