One on One

Fluid Wellbeing provides one on one Health Coaching from the privacy of your own home or the Fluid Wellbeing studio. Begin by calling 858-774-8128 or email to honor your phone consultation.

FREE Phone Consultation- Get started with a brief overview of what you want to accomplish working with Fluid Wellbeing. We will discuss things like past history, injuries, and what is preventing you from living the life you’ve imagined.

$ 333- 1 Session- In session, we will determine the areas/ aspects of your life that are out of alignment with your higher resonant field. By utilizing your own personal intuition we will explore how to bring your life back into alignment for vast personal and spiritual fulfillment. Sessions are tailored to meet your exact needs in the moment, all that is required is a willingness to show up.

$ 999- 3 week fast track- It takes 21 days to establish a new habit. The 3 week fast track is perfect for those who are ready to shift their old habits and begin anew. It is composed of 3 sessions one week apart from one another.

$ 4,444- 3 Month Journey- Once someone has completed the 3 week fast track they’re eligible to join the 3 Month Journey, where they will receive 1 session every week for 3 months to help maintain and expand the level of growth they experienced in the fast track.

 Group Classes

Get inspired with a buddy! Studies show that working out with someone or sharing your goals with another makes you twice as likely to complete them. Groups ranging from 2-20 people are welcome.

$200/ Group of 2

+$25 per person ( Above 2)


Business Wellness

All Businesses are catching the wave that is sweeping the Country; It's time to bring Health and Healing to the workplace. As the 9-5 is becoming obsolete make sure your employees are taken care of with personal nutrition plans, on-site yoga, and practical relaxation techniques. Expect your company's productivity to sky rocket and a wealth of savings on your Health Insurance payments.

***Pricing to be discussed upon follow up***



Yoga & Meditation

At Fluid Wellbeing we help discover your way to heal. One of the avenues we work through is Yoga and Meditation. We will intuitively guide you through a series of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation to bring you more in touch with your mind, body, and spirit.

Fluid Wellbeing specifically focuses on those who have experienced tremendous loss. Each session will be specifically tailored to fit your exact needs.  We will delve into breaking down blocks and barriers so your Energy flows freely and smoothly, creating harmony and balance in your Life.

From this place of clarity anything is possible, including the healing of yourself and the planet Earth.



What you put in your body matters. Literally, you become what you eat. Becoming more conscious of this choice could be the most potent decision for healing you'll ever make. 

If there is too much stress in your environment, body, or mind, a dis-connect occurs. In this state of dis-stress, the food you eat, healthy or un-healthy, takes on the form of your own body's energy. Aside from choosing the best possible food (Organic, Local, Non-GMO) for your body, it is of equal importance to be in a state of harmony as best as you can while you eat.

We will help you with necessary diet choices, grocery store visits, and proper meal planning. We will bring you more in touch with your body and intuitive sensing facilities. With practice and listening to your body, you will know exactly what to eat and when. To pair your choice of food along with a calm state of being, is the ideal way to enjoy a meal.